At St Mary’s, we believe that our faith helps to shape what we do. We value the time to come together to reflect on the Gospel and on the topics we are studying during our Religious Education lessons.

On Mondays, we gather together as a whole school to share and reflect on the Gospel reading from Holy Mass the day before.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, the Junior and Infant classes come together to reflect on a topic or special date within the liturgical calendar. Each class, led by the children, share bible readings, their work, sing hymns and offer prayers of the faithful.

We also take the  Junior children to St Mary’s Church where they celebrate Mass with the wider community in our parish.

Here are details of some of the special events that take place throughout the school year to supplement our teaching of Religious Education.

Every year the children join as a school to attend Mass in St Mary’s Parish Church to celebrate special feasts and seasons.

  • Advent
  • Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  • Ash Wednesday (Mass for KS2 and special in-school ashes ceremony for infants)

Mass in St Mary’s School

  • First Holy Communion
  • Leavers Mass

The Growing in Faith Team and other pupils from the junior school (KS2) are involved through preparing the space, reading the readings, offering up the prayers of the faithful and taking up the offertory. Everyone participates by joining in with all elements of the Mass including the joyful singing, responses and prayers.

Children volunteer from the Lower Junior and Upper Junior choirs to lead and sing hymns during the Mass. Miss Haynes helps them to prepare.

As the celebration of the Mass is very holy and special, we do not take photographs.