HS Reception- Spring 1 Week 5 2024

The Magic Porridge Pot 

We used our knowledge of the story to become authors! We wrote part of the story 'The Magic Porridge Pot'. 


We have been learning about doubles. We used tweezers to put the same amount of pom poms on each side of the butterfly. We said the double using a full sentence e.g. "Double 2 is 4."

Lunar New Year

We learnt about the traditions and celebrations for Lunar New Year. We had a food tasting of spring rolls, egg fried rice and prawn crackers. It was delicious! We watched videos of the dragon dance. We worked as a team to make our own dragon head and performed the dragon dance!

China Town Trip

We went on a trip to China Town as part of our learning about Lunar New Year. We enjoyed looking at the decorations and spotting dragons. We went to a giftshop and bought our own paper dragon. Thank you to all of our amazing parent and carer helpers. We had so much fun. 

Children's Mental Health Week

We looked at the 'Zones of Regulation' and used colours to show how we were feeling. We coloured in a speech bubble and talked about our feelings. We thought about strategies we could use to get back to 'green'. 










Choosing Time

This week we have enjoyed the small world, the book corner and magnetic blocks. 

Have a lovely half term! Looking forward to seeing you and your children on February 19th. 

Miss Swan. 


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