Reception - RR - Summer 1 Week 4

In reception this week, we had a very special caterpillar delivery. The children are very excited to observe the changes the caterpillars make over the next few weeks!

In literacy this week, we read the story: ‘Look Up’. A story about a young girl called Rocket who is preparing to be the “greatest astronaut, star catcher, space walker who has ever lived.” The children thoroughly enjoyed rummaging through an old suitcase filled with clues about the book. They found out what a meteor shower is and the names of famous astronauts. They made their own rockets using a range of materials.

In maths the children explored numbers from 11-20. They looked at different representations of those numbers, subtracted numbers from 20, filled in the missing numbers on a number line using Numicon and played Number Bingo to end the week.

In our topic lessons, we read the story: ‘When Granny Went to Market’. A counting book about granny’s adventures all over the world on a magic carpet. The children enjoyed finding out about many different countries such as, Kenya, Thailand and Mexico.

In RE we started our new topic of ‘Friends’. The children discussed what makes a good friend and why it is important to have friends. They then made a friendship bracelet.


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