Year 2 - 2AT: Summer Term 1 Week 4

We have had another busy week! Well done children on completing your English SATs. You all worked so hard and should be extremely proud of yourselves.

Next week, we will take a break to enjoy Art Week and then continue our maths SATs the week of 23rd May. Please use Mrs G’s Little Lessons on YouTube as these are a great way children can access different questions to practise and work independently. They can focus on arithmetic and reasoning style questions. Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars are also great resources to use.

In RE this week, we celebrated special faiths week and learned about Islam. We did an independent piece of writing comparing Islam and Christianity and the similarities and differences between the two religions. What can you tell an adult at home about what you learned? Where do Muslims pray? What is the Islam special book called? What is the special symbol for Islam?

In science this week we did some writing about our experiment from last week. We completed a scientific method for the following questions: what will happen to the paper using water colours and what will happen to the paper using wax crayons. Our key words were waterproof and absorbent.

We learned that when we used the water colours is absorbed into the paper and made it very wet. When we used the water colours on top of wax crayons it was waterproof. This means that no water could get through the paper. Why not try the experiment again at home! Was your hypothesis correct?

What does waterproof mean? What materials are waterproof? What does absorbent mean? What materials are absorbent? Look around your home.

Take a look at some of our water colour and crayons drawings below.

In Humanities we learned about cities, towns and villages. What city do you live in? What town do you live in? What landmarks can you think of in the city of London? Have you been to these places?

In Art we started making our flags and crowns to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

In PE we did some mindfulness to end our week. We are getting much better at sitting still and calming our body and mind. Try some meditating at home.

Keep checking our class page for updates. Thank you parents/carers for your continued support.

Miss Tanner


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